Patient Guide

If a foreign customer needs inpatient treatment, professional coordinators for each country will provide the necessary assistance for hospitalization.

Items to prepare for hospitalization

  • Soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, non-slip slippers, toilet paper, water cup/water bottle, guardian's bedding, etc.
  • If you have any medications you were taking before hospitalization, please bring your medications and medication information sheet (prescription or medication envelope with the name of the medication).
  • Necessary items can be purchased at the convenience store on the 1st floor of the hospital.
  • Do not provide bedding for guardians, so please bring their own.
  • The following items are restricted for use:
  • - Infection Prevention: Humidifier
  • - Fire and burn prevention: coffee pot, electric blanket, steam pack, etc.

Hospitalization procedure

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Hospitalization decision
When a patient's hospitalization is decided, the coordinator in charge will assist with the admission procedure.
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Hospitalization procedure
Same-day hospitalization
  • - Fill out the hospitalization agreement and go to the hospital room.
Hospitalization Reservation
  • - If hospitalization is not possible on the same day for various reasons after hospitalization is decided, make a reservation for a ward and go home.
  • - You will be admitted to the assigned ward on the expected date of admission.
  • ※ The check-in time may be delayed depending on the circumstances of the discharged patient.
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Room assignment
Special room (single room, double room), General room (shared room)
The room assignment is decided on the day of admission, so the room is assigned according to the status of the ward and may differ from the desired room.
In principle, ward allocation is given to inpatients who have applied for a change of ward, and the remaining beds are allocated according to the order of reservation.
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After the admission procedures and room assignment are completed, your nurse will guide you for inpatient life and then you will be hospitalized.