Hospital Guide

  • Check the status of medical treatment through prior consultation and request documents required for visa issuance.
  • The specialists in each department will check it, make a treatment plan, and issue the necessary documents for visa issuance.
  • Confirm the details and schedule necessary for the hospital visit and notify you of the confirmation.
  • When you arrive in Korea, you will receive a pick-up service from the airport and come to the hospital, and proceed with the planned program.

Telephone consultation / Appointment

  • If you would like a consultation, contact the International Healthcare Center +82-54-478-9777, or contact the SNS, cell phone of the “specialized counselor” for each country.
Counsultation time (Korean time)
Counsultation time (Korean time) Weekdays (Mon to Fri) 09:00 ~ 17:00
International Healthcare Center +82-54-478-9777
Countury Extension number Cellphone number
English 0 +82-10-9155-5951
Mongolia 1 +82-10-5158-0065
China 2 +82-10-2051-8508
Vietnam 0 +82-10-8560-0026

Available medical services

  • Department
Internal Medicine (Gastroenterology, Circulatory System, Kidney) Obstetrics and Gynecology Plastic Surgery Pediatrics Neurology Neurosurgery
Radiology Surgery Emergency Medicine Otorhinolaryngology Orthopedics Dentistry
  • Special Centers and Clinics
Health Checkup Center Spine Center Joint Center Cell and Gene Therapy Center Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Center Cardiovascular Center
Cerebrovascular Center Rehabilitation Exercise Therapy Center Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center Artificial Kidney Center Emergency Center International Medical Center
Menopause Clinic Women's Plastic Surgery Clinic Women's Cancer Clinic Urinary Incontinence Clinic Skin Beauty Clinic Pain Clinic

Online Consultation│Appointment

  • If you leave your personal information in [Consultation│Reservation] on the website and mobile and click [Send], a professional counselor will contact you directly to help you make an accurate and quick appointment.
상담시간 (한국시간 기준)
International Medical Center Email
Facebook Inquiry English
WeChat Inquiry China hly6682002


  • To change or cancel your reservation, please call +82-054-478-9777 or contact the person in charge of your country at least one week prior to your appointment.